Book Report: Whomever He Wills


Matthew Barrett and Thomas Nettles have put together an amazing collection of essays about the biblical doctrines of grace. The authors examine the biblical text faithfully and passionately as they extol the glorious sovereignty of God in the saving of sinners. They also interact with church history and the pivotal figures who held to the biblical doctrines of grace like Paul, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin and Edwards. They examine Baptist history as well and interact with Bunyan, Keach, Gill, Fuller, WIlliams, Backus and my personal favorite, Charles Spurgeon.

The authors also affirm that those brothers and sisters who disagree with these doctrines are still, after all, brothers and sisters.

We are joined together in the gospel of Christ, and I rejoice in that. And surely we must keep this unity in plain view whenever we pursue this discussion.

They also add a word of caution which is valuable:

Yet if our unity is a unity in the gospel, then the closer we come to gospel issues the more important doctrinal accuracy becomes-and the more important it is for us to discuss our differences frankly in an attempt to clear them away.

In the end, as the authors readily prove, these are worship-shaping doctrines. They drive us to sing and exalt the salvific ability of our king.

We sing “Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul!” And well we should. And we should sing it out of a deep, felt sense of rescue…we want to affirm with all our should that God saves sinners in every sense that Scripture reveals, that is it is HIS salvation from first to last.

This book is available from Founders Press for 2.99 in the Kindle Edition (Sale Ending Today) and 25.95 in the print edition. Buy it, and kindle (no pun intended) afresh your love for the gospel of Christ.


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