Book Report: The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon by Steven Lawson


I named my son Haddon for a very specific reason. Charles Haddon Spurgeon has had an influence on my life and pastoral ministry that cannot be summed up in a blog post. If his impact could be summed up in a book, however, it would be this one. Steven Lawson, Pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama has put together a wonderful treatment of the life and ministry of Spurgeon in his book The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon (available in Heartland’s bookstore). His point is to show the balance of the man in regards to his staunch Calvinism (which Spurgeon referred to as “the gospel and nothing less”), and his ferocious evangelism.

Spurgeon firmly held the sovereign grace of God in one hand and the free offer of the gospel in the other. In Spurgeon, I saw a historical example of what God was calling me to be and do. I finally understood that my Reformed theology was not a hindrance but a launching pad for evangelism. Here was the best of both worlds. I already had come to see clearly how these twin truths meet in the Bible. Now I could see how they come together in preaching -Steven Lawson

This book is a great biographical treatment of the balance of the “prince of preachers” in deep theology and evangelistic fervor. I pray that it is as encouraging to you as it was to me. If you don’t want to read it, buy a copy anyway and give it to a pastor or seminary student you know. It will be like fresh air in their lungs and joy in their hearts.


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