Book Report: Worship by John Mac Arthur

2012 is the Year of Worship for Heartland Baptist Church. In God’s providence, a new book on worship has been released by John MacArthur and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to you. You can go to the bookstore on our website and purchase the paperback or the kindle edition. This book is actually a re-release of his book The Ultimate Priority released in 1983. He has edited and updated some of the information, but the majority of the book remains unchanged. It is an excellent examination of the Scriptures and the ultimate goal of humanity, the worship of God: “That is our supreme duty for time and eternity-to honor, adore, delight in, glorify, and enjoy God above all His creation, as He is worthy to be worshiped.” This book has remained in print for 30 years and for good reason. I pray that as you read it you will encounter God in the clarity of his glory and that your mind will be instructed and enriched about the ultimate priority of worship.


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