Book Report(s): Walter Chantry Gems

I have been meaning to get to these books for a while and after reading them, I regret not doing so earlier. Today’s Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic by Walter Chantry is excellent. He gives a warm, robust treatment of the truth of the gospel over against the imitations of “evangelical” preaching. “By the unconscious omission of essential ingredients of the gospel, many fail to communicate even that portion of God’s Word which they mean to convey. When a half truth is presented as the whole truth, it becomes an untruth”(8).

In The Shadow of the Cross: Studies in Self-Denial Chantry explains the importance of self-denial as fruit of the gospel. He points out that Jesus is indeed the savior who requires his followers to take up a cross to follow him. I agree with his statement, “A right understanding of this basic biblical demand would silence a host of errors regarding evangelism, sanctification and practical living.” Your heart will be enriched and encouraged by both of these books.


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