Worship by the Book: Gathering

We gather because other people can see us (47): The church that truly enjoys being together sends a clear message to the world around them. Jesus said they would know we are his disciples by the love we have for one another. That kind of care and affection for each other aids in winning favor with the world around us. Notice that this has nothing to do with being seeker sensitive. We’re church member sensitive and seekers think it’s amazing.

We gather because we want others to come with us (48): The Lord was adding to their number daily. This is the most shocking part of this passage and the most encouraging to me. All they did was meet together for worship and eat a lot and everybody wanted to be with them. True evangelism and outreach flows from the life of a healthy church.

I have a few comments to help in the application of this text. This series is not for information, but for transformation, both of the individual and the church as a whole.

  1. We need to eat more: The early church made a practice of meeting together to eat more and I think we should ramp up the times we meet together for meals here. We need as many people as possible to help the hospitality committee so that this doesn’t sit with just one person. This is such a great ministry in our church and you don’t need any special talents to help. Trust me, washing dishes takes no skill. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact us and we’ll get you plugged in. Also, look at the opportunities available to you this week: Home Groups will be spending their time together this week just eating a meal together. If you have been a part of a home group but haven’t been in a while, please come and enjoy some snacks and fellowship with other believers. Also, there is a sign up sheet for the luncheon put on by the group that meets here for prayer meeting at noon this coming Wednesday. Sign up for that and come to home group too and you’ll have two opportunities to eat with the people in our church!
  2. We need to do less: We have been wrestling with the 80/20 rule for a while now. You know that rule, it says that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. This summer, we are taking a break from much of what we do and just having Sunday School, worship services and home groups with the occasional after church fellowship. We are doing this for three reasons:
    1. The 20% are tired.
    2. Activity doesn’t equal effectiveness.
    3. The gathering of the church as one body in unity and care is what the church was built to do from the beginning and how the church was most effective in the culture.
  3. We need to pray that God makes us this kind of Church: Pray that God will bring us together, maybe over some food, that we might engage our culture as an Acts 2 kind of church. Let’s pray.

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