Book Report: Branded by Tim Sinclair

“In his book Purple Cow, author and business blogger Seth Godin calls these types of people ‘sneezers.’ Like a four-year-old with a cold, when sneezers get hold of a new idea or product, they share it with everyone. And the more they share, the more the concept spreads. (Godin calls anything worthy of sneezing an “ideavirus.”) Apple fans are sneezers. They’ll tell anyone within earshot about the newest app on their iPhone (ah-choo) or the song they just downloaded to their iPod (ah-choo). They’ll show you a video of their kids in the palm of their hand (ah-choo) or the GPS map of their family vacation (ah-choo). With all the marketing mucus flying around, you almost can’t avoid catching the bug. But the true brilliance of Apple’s back-from-the-grave story is that, even if you’ve never personally been sneezed on by someone with the Apple flu, you actually have been. Subliminally. It takes just a quick glance around a coffee shop or a bookstore to see that iPod and iPhone connoisseurs are set apart from the users of every other MP3 player and cell phone. It’s not their spiky hair, their strong cologne, or their well-worn Birkenstocks. It’s their white headphones. That’s right. The key to Apple’s success lies in the color of their headphones. It’s an amazingly simple and remarkably effective branding technique. Every time you see those bright white cords coming out of someone’s ears, you instantly know where that person’s technological allegiance lies. Someone is sneezing about Apple without even realizing it.”

This passage from Branded by Tim Sinclair shows the success of different companies merely because their identity was made clear from the start. What if Christians were just as clear about our identity? “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35 ESV) This book is a great, quick read and is a clear encouragement to find our identity in Jesus that the world might see Christ as the all-consuming treasure of our lives.


One thought on “Book Report: Branded by Tim Sinclair

  1. I think you hit it on the head. The church appears very confused about its identity these days. We are no longer clear because we want to flirt too much with the world’s ways and soften our edges. We risk becoming so watered down that we have no distinct taste at all and become irrelevant. Keep preaching the Word clearly so we fully understand who we are in Christ and clearly reflect Him to our world.

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