Rockstar Pastor: Thoughts From Other Guys…

I thought I would expand the discussion this week and direct attention toward people far more intelligent than I.

The Problem with Pastor as Rockstar by Ed Stetzer

“Somebody once said, ‘The Gospel came to the Greeks and the Greeks turned it into a philosophy. The Gospel came to the Romans and the Romans turned it into a system. The Gospel came to the Europeans and the Europeans turned it into a culture. The Gospel came to America and the Americans turned it into a business.’ And business is booming. Millions of churchgoers file in to buildings each week, line up in rows like shelves at Walmart, and watch the stage. They come for one purpose: to see a show and hear a pastor.”

Celebrity Pastors: Top of the Heap or Overexposed? by Mike Cosper at The Gospel Coalition

“In the talk about ‘celebrity pastors,’ some have attached the phrase to both shallow, attention-seeking televangelists and also stalwart preachers and scholars with international audiences. It’s a sort of polemic, a subtle insult to the pastors in question. Some suggest that the two words are mutually exclusive: a good pastor won’t be a celebrity, and a celebrity won’t be a good pastor.

But celebrity comes for a variety of reasons. It’s worth differentiating between the kinds of celebrities generally, and between celebrity pastors in particular. You can see most celebrities in one of two categories:

  • The top of the heap
  • The overexposed”



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