Book Report: Christians Get Depressed Too

Christians Get Depressed Too by David Murray is an incredible book. He examines the reality of depression in the lives of Christians and sheds light on a topic few want to discuss. You might be thinking, as Murray anticipates, “‘But Christians don’t get depressed!’ How many times have you thought that, said that, or heard that? How many times have Christian pastors and counselors made this claim, or at least implied it? If it is true that Christians don’t get depressed, it must mean either that the Christian suffering from depression is not truly depressed, or he is not a true Christian. But if this notion is false, what extra and unnecessary pain and guilt are heaped upon an already darkened mind and broken heart!”* In this book, you will find encouragement and hope for your depression and resources to help yourself and others.

*Murray, David (2010-11-29). Christians Get Depressed Too (Kindle Locations 62-65). Reformation Heritage Books. Kindle Edition.


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