The fathers and the Son

History is aimed at Jesus. The history of the world, the history of this country, the history of your family and your personal history is aimed at Jesus Christ. When Jesus speaks to his disciples in Acts 1:8 he tells them that they will be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. The church began in Acts 2 and in Acts 7 persecution drove them to the region around Judea like Samaria. Then, later in Acts, we find the church expanding through the missionary efforts of Paul and the other apostles. The church grew in the following years into Africa, Greece, Italy, what we know as Europe and the United Kingdom. The church suffered much persecution in these early centuries and the more it was persecuted, the faster it grew. Fast-forward to 1517 when Martin Luther posted the 95 theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany which began the Protestant Reformation that grew and expanded into the United Kingdom with the growth of English Puritanism which then fostered and founded the United States of America. Churches were planted immediately on this continent and have expanded even to the planting of Heartland Baptist Church from Bayless Baptist Church over 19 years ago.

My Grandfather on my Dad’s side came to the United States from Denmark and my Father was raised in a Christian home in Texas and attended Kansas City Bible College where he met my mother, whose Christian parents, Jasper and May Isabel Stanley sent her to KCBC to learn the Scriptures. My parents were married and moved all over the United States, serving in churches in Oklahoma, Kansas City and North Carolina, where I was born 6 months before they moved to St. Louis where my dad would take a position that he held for 23 years at Ballwin Baptist Church. I met Christ in that church, and I also met and married my wife in that church. The two greatest meetings ever. Her Christian parents moved to Oakville and attended here in 2002, where I preached in August of that year and then in 2007 I began my time as the pastor here. How did you get here? How did the events of your life bring you to the seat you occupy today? More importantly, do you see how the events in your life are aimed at the person and work of Jesus? If not, you will be by the time we are done with this passage this week.


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