Blue Christmas

The suggestion of a perfect Christmas celebration usually conjures up idyllic images of a family gathered around the Christmas tree opening presents or sitting around a table smiling and laughing together over a large, warm meal. Christmas music is playing in the background and some in the house might sing along, though they sound nothing like Bing Crosby. Everything seems, sounds and smells perfect.

For some, this image of Christmas is an idol. One or more family members idolizes families of the past or present, making their own family into an earthly god that can neither fulfill their needs, nor be the ultimate source of joy, peace and comfort. They become maniacs in the kitchen, stressed to their limit over who will sit where and who cooks what. Everything has to be perfect so that we can have the perfect Christmas!

For many, this picture of Christmas is nothing more than a fanciful dream. Their Christmas looks nothing like this. There aren’t many presents, the meal is meager and the family doesn’t really like one another. Christmas is a time of darkness and pain, rather than one of light and peace.

What can we do? What hope is there for those facing a blue Christmas? What does the Bible say to those who are dreading this holiday rather than facing it with excitement? What does the Bible say to the stressed out holiday planner who has made the seating arrangement and present opening order into a God so that everyone has a “perfect” Christmas?  This week, we turn to Habakkuk see a very clear answer for those facing a blue Christmas. I pray that your heart is encouraged this week as you read and study with me. If you have an opportunity today, read all three chapters of Habakkuk to get a sense of the context we will be working with.


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