The Father Heart of God

We come again to Romans 8 and finish our study in this wonderful chapter in a similar way to our beginning, and that is by discussing assurance of salvation. Three weeks ago we talked extensively about what it means for God to do the greater thing in saving us, and the assurance we should have as a result. If God can do the greater thing of saving us, the lesser thing of keeping us is well within his ability. Two weeks ago we dealt with assurance to a deeper degree. We learned that the assurance of my salvation is not based upon who I am nor upon what I have done. Rather, the assurance of my salvation is based upon who Jesus is, what he has done and what he is doing.  Last week we emphasized Orphan Sunday, and I find it comforting that one week after we discuss God’s heart for the orphan that this week we finish Romans 8 with a discussion of the Father Heart of God, or the way in which our Father God loves us through Jesus Christ, His Son.

The Main Idea: Nothing can separate us from Christ.

After discussing the reasons for assurance that Paul mentioned he wants his reader to understand again that salvation belongs to God. Salvation begins with God, is carried out by God and will be completed by God. God is the subject of this text and every text in the Bible. The Bible is first and foremost a book about God. So that means that the goal of every message, every song, every worship service and indeed every moment of every day is God and God alone. If God is your Father, if you are his child, then nothing can change that, not even you. Let’s look at the glorious end of Romans 8:35-39 this week anticipating joy.


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