Blessed Assurance: The Story and Song of Romans 8:33-34

A Valley of Vision Prayer for Assurance

Oh Christ we read in the Scriptures the testimony of your person and work on our behalf. We read about the manger and your birth, the garden and your agony, the cross and your suffering, the tomb and your resurrection, the heavens and your intercession. Bold from this we defy our adversaries, beating down temptation, resisting his deceitful schemes, renouncing the world, valiant for your truth. Deepen within us a sense of our relationship to you this day. We think of your glory and our sin, your majesty and our weakness, your purity and our filth, your righteousness and our iniquity. You have loved us everlastingly and unchangeably. May we love you as you have first loved us. You have died for us, may we live for you in every moment of our time, in every movement of our mind, in every beat of our hearts. Be glorified in your word as it is spoken and heard. AMEN.


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