A Foundation for Fearless Living

Exodus and Numbers. Remember when the children of Israel get to Kadesh and they see the giants in the land and they think the obstacle is too great to overcome so they vote (first recorded business meeting) and they decide that their leaders are stupid and that they shouldn’t trust God like that, they should do the logical thing and not take the land. So what does God do? He says, “Those stubborn, stiff-necked rebellious people! I will take them out into the desert and kill that entire generation.” What had they forgotten? They had forgotten Egypt and the 10 plagues. They had forgotten the Red Sea and Sinai. They had forgotten God. The greater thing of the Exodus makes tall guys look small. Later in the Old Testament another tall guy shows up and the smallest man in Israel runs to the battle line fearless. Why? You come at me with sword and javelin, but I come at you in the name of the Lord of Hosts. This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you down and cut off your head. David knew that God was in charge of his people. Fear wasn’t necessary.

Don’t forget the greater thing. Aim your life at the cross. The point of Sunday is to remind you of the greater thing. Look to the cross and do not be afraid. God is for you.


One thought on “A Foundation for Fearless Living

  1. Well spoken!

    I’m mostly convinced the children of Israel were lying in Numbers 13, about seeing “the Nephilim” in the land. The only other mention of them is from Genesis, pre-flood account. Their lack of trust in the Lord led them to lie about who occupied Canaan.

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