A Foundation for Fearless Living

Anxiety-free living is a part of the gospel message. Fearless living is gospel living. We live in an anxiety laden culture. People attempt to manage their fears with all kinds of things. People abuse alcohol and take drugs to manage fear and anxiety. People take prescription medication to manage fear and anxiety. One anxiety focused medical research staff said publicly that their goal was to make anxiety and fear a manageable part of daily life. The goal of our culture is to medicate fear or drown it, hide it, cover it, re-name it, disguise it, psychologize it, etc. One of the goals of the gospel is to eliminate fear altogether. Wouldn’t you like to be fearless? Wouldn’t you like to look at the thing that you are anxious about in the face and with a little swagger say, “not scared.” The way to do that is with a specific foundation located in Romans 8:31-32. Are you ready to lay a foundation for fearless living? This week should be encouraging to you.

  1. What shall we say to these things (31a)? What things? The things he has been talking about since his argument began in Romans 5.
    1. 5:1-11 Our Assurance of Hope
    2. 5:12-21 Hope’s Foundation in Christ’s victory over Adam’s sin
    3. 6 The Hopeful Triumph of God’s grace over the power of sin
    4. 7 The Hopeful Triumph of God’s grace over the power of the law
    5. 8:1-17 Fulfillment of the law by the Spirit
    6. 8:18-39 Assurance of our hope
      1. The hope of the new creation: 18-25
      2. The hope of prayer: 26-27
      3. The hope of our God-ordered salvation: 28-30
        1. Sovereignty
        2. Foreknowledge
        3. Predestination
        4. Calling
        5. Justification
        6. Glorification

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