The Glory of God in Foreknowledge (September 23, 2011)

How does God’s foreknowledge help assure me of my present salvation and sanctification and future glory? 

  1. God doesn’t just know what is happening, he knows you: Psalm 139.
  2. God delights in you because, in Jesus Christ, he decides to, not because you are delightful. God determined to know you and set his affection upon you. He didn’t passively respond to your “letting Jesus be Lord of your life.”
  3. God’s glory is made manifest in his covenantal knowledge of his people. Illustration: If I wanted to go to the White House and I got to the gate and said, “I know the President, you have to let me in” the guards are not obligated to let me in. My attestation of knowledge of the President carries no weight. But, if he calls down to his guards and says, “I know him, he’s a close, personal friend of mine, let him in…” am I getting in? Yes! Why? Not because I know him, but be cause he knows me. That’s the hope of foreknowledge. We love him because he first loved us. We are his because he has come to us and purchased us and when we stand before him we will reign with Christ because Christ will come and call us brother. He is the firstborn among many brothers and we, the called, the brothers and sisters of Christ, the sons and daughters of God will reign with Christ not just because we say we know him, but be cause he truly knows us.


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