The Glory of God in Foreknowledge (September 19, 2011)

In Romans 8:18 we learned that we have hope because the future that awaits us is far greater than our present suffering. We then found out that the creation is pointing us to glory, straining for our glory to come, preaching to us that this world isn’t all there is. Then we discovered that we have hope in our groaning under the weight of suffering and pain because we have the Holy Spirit who is a foretaste of coming glory. We then talked extensively about how the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness by interceding for us before the Father in accordance with his will because we have no idea what the future holds and thus have no idea what to pray for. We came to the great 8:28 where we talked about the assurance of our hope because of God’s predestination and providence, or the idea that God plans then ends as well as the means to our lives.

This week we look to Romans 8:29 as we begin a five part series on The Glory of God in the Order of Salvation. Our hope is anchored in the reality that salvation was begun by God, is being carried out by God and will be completed by God. This verse is connected to verse 28 as we found out two weeks ago because the plans and purposes of God for the salvation of his people have been predestined before the foundation of the world. He has engineered the salvation of his people and is carrying it out with providential precision. Join me for an exciting time of study and worship in God’s Word this week.



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