The Hope of Predestination (September 9, 2011)

I know the first thing people are going to say after four days of focus on the predestination of God is, “Are we just robots? Does anything we do actually matter?” I would answer that by reminding you that God still works through human actions in his providential governance of the universe. We are still responsible for the things that we do and our actions have very real and eternal results. We will cover this in greater detail next week when we cover the doctrine of God’s providence.


The hope of Romans 8:28 is very simple: If we know the purpose of God (uniting everything in Christ), and we know that we are in the purpose of God (as the called, as those who treasure God), then all things have to work together for my Christ-centered, gospel-saturated good; not because of my performance, but because of his purpose. Let that be the note that rings in your mind and heart this week. Pray that God would again restore to you the joy of your salvation and that he might strengthen you in hope as you seek to obey and honor Christ this week.



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