The Hope of Predestination


Many weeks ago in our time in God’s Word on Sunday mornings we learned that we have hope because the future that awaits us is far greater than our present suffering. We then found out that the creation is pointing us to glory, straining for our glory to come, preaching to us that this isn’t all that there is. Two weeks ago we discovered that we have hope in our groaning under the weight of suffering and pain because we have the Holy Spirit who is a foretaste of the coming glory. Last week we learned another reason to hope linked with the ministry of the Holy Spirit within the life of the believer and that was that we have hope because we have help. We talked extensively about how the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness by interceding for us before the Father in accordance with his will because we have no idea what the future holds and thus have no idea what to pray for.

This week we will cover one of the greatest verses in the entire Bible. We will learn something extremely significant this week. We will find yet another glorious reason to hope wrapped up in one very special word: predestination. Last week we discussed our weakness insofar as we can’t see the future, the plans of God, etc. Romans 8:28-30 opens up for us God’s ultimate plan of redemption and it is, in my mind, the most hopeful passage in all of the Bible.

And we know (absolute certainty) that for those who love God (take pleasure in, value), all things (every single thing, all) work together (conspire together) for good, for those who are called (effectually summoned) according to his purpose (decree, advanced plan).



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