Discerning the Will of God (August 29, 2011)

If you don’t already have a devotional guide that you use on a regular basis, allow me to recommend Tabletalk by Ligonier Ministries. I use that guide myself and it is the using of that guide this morning that set off my own devotional blog for this week. We will cover one of the most frustrating areas of ministry for me amongst the people of God: Discerning the Will of God. Many people hold a mystical and even nonsensical view on this subject and it is the goal of the blog this week to correct those viewpoints and encourage Biblical literacy and obedience. I will quote Tabletalk here in an effort to begin the discussion.

Much of the time, our quest to know God’s will is related to matters of personal guidance. We want to answer questions such as these: “Who does the Lord want me to marry? Where does God want me to live? What is my vocation?” These questions are appropriate, and we can answer them by the principles for holiness revealed in Scripture. But the Bible never answers these kinds of questions directly; rather we are responsible to apply biblical teaching wisely to our circumstances. Relying on the Holy Spirit who speaks through Scripture, we read God’s Word and seek advice from wise Christians to help us make decisions pleasing to the Lord.


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