Looking Back: Dealing With Regret (August 22, 2011)


Do you regret something you did or said in the past? One author lists three separate types of regret. See if any of these resonate with you:

  1. Things you did that were embarrassing. You tripped in front of a huge group of people. You failed in a public task and people showed their disapproval.
  2. Things you did that either purposefully or unintentionally hurt someone else. Car accident, etc., “If I had only left a few minutes earlier…”
  3. Things you think you could have done to avoid a tragedy. Your kid gets stung by a jellyfish at the beach and you think, “I knew we should have gone to the lake!”

This is a universal problem it seems, but we seldom think about it in a biblical way because we don’t think there is anything sinful about regret. We find it to be a bit spiritual. We feel bad about the bad things we did in the past and that sounds like repentance, so we let it continue never seeing the unbelief and pride that cause regret to surface in our hearts and minds. This week, we will examine the misunderstandings that cause regret and allow it to fester and biblically correct them as we go.



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