Running for the Prize (August 15, 2011)

Running is stupid. In my opinion, unless there is a ball involved, or you stole something, running is stupid. I have always thought running was stupid, but in junior high we all had to take the dreaded test of the mile run. I don’t remember what time I got, nor do I care. All I remember is the feeling that the track was never going to end and how did some of those guys get so fast? I finished between the fast people and the people who walked, which says nothing about my time, but still…There were people who fell while they were running and when they fell they were injured because our track was made up of dirt with a thin layer of pea gravel over it. (Whose idea was that?) Our coach was very serious about people tripping one another, however. He would kick you out of class for something like that because people can get hurt badly.

The Christian life has often been compared to a race that the believer must run. Indeed the track is long and doesn’t end until we die or Christ returns. We are all at different places on that track. Some people are sprinting, some are jogging and others have elected to walk their way to glory, which adds a whole new meaning to the phrase “Christian walk.” Sometimes, in our race, due to sin, we fall. Other times, due to the circumstances of our lives, we get tripped.

There may be many of you reading this today that have found yourself face down on the track either by your own sin or by the trials and troubles of this life that have knocked you down and you want to figure out how to get back up and start running again. The joy of the passage before us is that it shows us, in vivid clarity, how to get up and start running and it is my prayer that through our study this week you will find new strength in your legs.



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