Godly Training (August 8, 2011)



How many pairs of shoes do you have? I have a few, and they all serve different purposes. My dress shoes are used for church, which is also my job. My flip flops are used for almost everything else besides work during the summer. I have lawn mowing shoes that are so foul they could probably mow the lawn by themselves as well as other utility shoes depending on the situation and need. Many of us look at our lives like pairs of shoes, that we really live different lives depending on our environment, but the Bible doesn’t talk that way about Christians. The Bible explains that we are people who belong entirely to God and we are to be devoted entirely to him while we live our lives.


This is the theme of the devotion this week and our prayer: Lord, I pray that while I live, I will be completely devoted to you because I am completely yours. Join me this week as we examine this wonderful passage of Scripture.



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