Life by the Book (July 29, 2011)



Seeking, Knowing, Loving and Obeying God is a Process (continued). 

  1. I will praise [confess, admit, acknowledge] you with an upright heart [mind, affections, will] when I learn your righteous rules. True worship comes from hearts driven down into truth, who, upon discovering truth are driven upward in praise to God.  The word for praise in this passage means “to agree”. Literally, it means to say with. You can’t say what God says until you see what God says in the bible, because this is how He speaks. True worship comes from upright hearts, grounded in truth, reaching high in agreement with the desire of their hearts.
  2. I will keep your statutes [this statement sounds arrogant until you read the second statement]; do not utterly forsake me! [Do not abandon me, leave me behind]. There is an implied weakness here asking God to assist in the keeping of his commands. 

I love the honesty of David here. I know the Bible makes people know, love and obey God, but the things I see in Scripture are hard to obey sometimes! Love the Lord your God with all you heart, soul, mind and strength: I try to do that, but I’m selfish…a lot! Love your neighbor as yourself: Lord, have you met my neighbors? I am much more loveable than they are. I need help to be this kind of a child of God. I need help to desire God. I need help to obey God.  Does anyone else feel like this? That is why the first three verses of this Psalm are so powerful, because the happiness that comes as a result of obedience is an evidence of God’s work in our hearts.  

All the blessings of the covenant must have been in a measure poured upon those who from day to day have been enabled to perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord. Their way is the evidence of their being blessed by the Lord. CHS

When I was a child, my Father introduced me to Jerry Lewis and his many movies. This probably explains a lot. Anyway, my dad and I used to watch these movies together on Saturdays and it was a great joy for us. My dad had a certain favorite Jerry Lewis movie, which we hadn’t seen together. When I found out it was his favorite, I asked him if we could watch that one, and he of course agreed. We watched it together and laughed and laughed and laughed. I think he got more joy out of seeing me laugh at something he thought was funny than he did out of the film itself. I am now a full fledged Jerry Lewis aficionado. This is the idea of finding joy in Biblical obedience. When we look at the pages of Scripture and see how God works in people’s lives and we ask him to work in our lives, it is like me asking my dad to watch his favorite movie. And when we find joy in obedience, it brings joy to the heart of God, because he has ordained that the growth of his children occur this way. 

The result of this process is glorious: we will know, love, obey and glorify God in our lives, our homes and in our church, and we will be a people who are truly blessed.




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