Life by the Book (July 27, 2011)

Obedience Creates Happiness

We ended yesterday’s devotion by saying that obedience to God fuels happiness in God because that obedience is first generated by God and enabled by God through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Today, we will look more closely at this idea that obedience brings joy.

This is not normal to our thinking. We live in a culture that says obedience, law, holiness, and other such words are oppressive and dictatorial. Many evangelicals will look at this kind of idea and call it legalistic because they grew up in a church that added commandments to the Bible and added laws that God never intended. Now, while I am sorry that people had that kind of background, and I know that “oppressive feeling” may linger on their minds, we must be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater here and neglect the law because Christ has taught us to live in obedience to him which ultimately results in our happiness!

God has not commanded us to be diligent in making precepts, but in keeping them. Some bind yokes upon their own necks, and make bonds and rules for others: but the wise course is to be satisfied with the rules of Holy Scripture, and to strive to keep them all, in all places, towards all men, and in all respects. -CHS

No one minds strictly following a map if you end up in Disneyland. Jesus tells his disciples that abiding in him, living the way he has taught them to live will result in complete and perfect joy. Obedience may indeed be hard at times but the result is an ultimately satisfying Christ!

True religion is not cold and dry; it has its exclamations and raptures. We not only judge the keeping of God’s law to be a wise and proper thing, but we are warmly enamored of its holiness, and cry out in adoring wonder, “blessed are the undefiled!” meaning thereby, that we eagerly desire to become such ourselves, and wish for no greater happiness than to be perfectly holy. CHS

Remember: God has intended for happiness to abound when we seek, know, love and obey God.



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