Life by the Book I (July 25, 2011)


Psalm 119 is an acrostic beginning with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The theme of the Psalm is the application of the Bible to life. So, we’re calling this series Life by the Book.


There are two major themes I want you to notice in this first section of Psalm 119. In the first four verses, the Psalmist, whom I believe is David, makes several theological statements about the happiness of those who keep the commands of the Lord. In the last four verses he reflects personally on these statements, showing the desire of his heart, which is to know God and become a man after his own heart.


We too want to know God and become a people after his own heart. That is, we want to know, love, obey and glorify God in our lives, our homes and in our church, for we believe people who live like this are truly blessed. Let’s open our Bibles and dig in to the Word of God as the people of God and see what His Word has to say to us this week.




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