Patience (June 13, 2011)

As I did with the fruit of joy, I will be posting my notes on patience this week. I pray that as you revisit this important topic your heart will be strengthened and encouraged by Scripture once again.

We all struggle with patience to some degree, but the Bible says that patience is a fruit of the Spirit, and as we have been studying the fruit of the Spirit in this series together, we are anchoring our study in Romans 8, where we find that God is at work in the lives of his people for his glory and our good. If patience is a fruit of the Spirit, what does it look like in the life of the believer and what can I do to cultivate patience in my heart and life? Let’s look first at a definition of patience (adapted from John Piper’s definition) and then at how God fleshes it out in the life of the believer.


Patience, in a summary of the Old Testament and the New Testament concepts means to stay in God’s place (endurance), or to go at God’s pace (perseverance). Patience may mean standing in faith upon the truth of God though the mountains give way and fall into the heart of the sea, though all desert you and none agree with you or patience may mean moving at a pace that you feel isn’t fast enough.


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