Mother’s Day as Honor Spillover

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.” (Exodus 20:12 ESV)

I love this verse now that I am a parent. The reason I love this verse is because of the lesson it teaches about the obedience of children. Obedience isn’t enough on its own. If obedience is begrudging, or with a bad attitude, it becomes disobedience. The phrase that we use around the house is “all the way, right away & with a happy heart”, which comes from the great parenting resource Don’t Make Me Count to Three Honor is something that accompanies behavior. It is an attitude that surrounds action. We esteem those in authority when we obey with joy and gladness.

Honor Spillover

Mother’s Day should be a visible opportunity to continue the honor that has already been present in our daily life. Our esteem for these great women should spill over on Mother’s Day from cups that are filled with honor already. With that in mind, please indulge me as honor spill over for some very special women in my life.

My Wife

Jennifer is an amazing woman. She is the mother of three little ones, manages our home in every way, supports me in the ministry and in EVERYTHING ELSE. I am honored to be her husband and I pray that the way I live with our family is honoring to her.

Diane Jessen (My Mom)

My mom is single-handedly the most influential person in my life. She was always supportive, encouraging and my biggest fan, making home a place I always look back on with fondness.

May Isabel Stanley (My Grandmother in Heaven)

We named my daughter after this lady because she was the spiritual matriarch of our family. She was a godly woman, loving Christ with all her heart, her husband Jasper (coolest name ever) and her children and grandchildren into his kingdom.

Agnes Jessen (My Grandmother in Heaven)

I didn’t know Grandma Jessen that well growing up, but she raised my dad to be the talented, Godly man that he is. She was faithful to Christ and in serving the church until she died.

Judy Chiles (My Mother-In-Law)

I am not like many other men who complain about their Mother-In-Law. We have a great relationship and I am thankful that God has allowed me to know her as family.

Liz Kiehne-Perry (Jennifer’s Stepmom)

Liz is a great lady. She is an amazing cook, loves to entertain people and has taught us much about the joy of hospitality. Being in her home is always a joy and we look forward to this summer when we will be there again, in Alaska!

Virginia Nygard (Judy’s Mother, Jennifer’s Grandmother)

Grandma Nygard is awesome. She loves her family so much and takes care of all of us, whether we know we need to be taken care of or not. Every Thanksgiving, she made empanadas (crazy awesome pockets of beefy goodness) the way she always had for her family. While she has handed that job over to others, every Thanksgiving we carry on the tradition.

Grandma Perry (Jennifer’s Grandmother)

What an amazing lady Grandma Perry is. Faithful wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She teaches Sunday School at her church, works tirelessly for others and is truly one of the most generous people I know. Her house is stocked with every grandchild’s dream (Tons of sweets! She even has a separate fridge just for soda! How awesome is that?).

Awesome women. Honor spillover is an understated reality compared to the honor these women deserve. Happy Mother’s Day!


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