Psalm 10 (February 14, 2011)


February 14, 2011


Psalm 10

My son loves to wear superhero costumes. He loves to dress up like Superman. We actually have a Superman shirt with a velcro cape on it and he runs around the house saying loudly, “I’m a superhero!” He has the cape, the big “S” on the front of his shirt and he runs around acting like he’s saving people and defeating the bad guys.

As enthusiastic he is, I know the truth. He isn’t really Superman. Even with the cape and the big “S” on his shirt, the truth is that he isn’t Superman.

Hope in the Psalms

Many times in this life things seem to be one way, and the Bible tells us things are completely different. In Psalm 10 we will see an honest inquiry into the appearance of difficult things on the earth, an honest prayer for God to help and an exclamation of joy over the kingship of God. We find hope in the theological reality of the kingship of God over the universe, no matter how hopeless things might appear to be.


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