Psalm 8 (February 11, 2011)

February 11, 2011

Psalm 8

Why is this Psalm necessary for us today? John Calvin proposed a few ideas and I added one (as if I could add anything to John Calvin!).

  1. That our hearts might be inflamed with love to God. Looking to the majesty of God is the first step in looking at ourselves rightly.
  2. That we may be stirred up to the practice of Godliness. Looking to the majesty of God is motivation enough for us to seek to honor him with our lives. I say this a lot, but to know God is to love God, and to love God is to obey God, and to obey God is to glorify God, which is what our lives are about.
  3. That we may not become lazy with our worship. It is very easy in our culture to think that worship is about us when churches make the schedule about us (choose which service you want to attend, it’s all about you!). The point of church and the point of everything that the church does is the glory of God, nothing less.
  4. That we may become a true gospel community. A people centered upon God will live together in gospel community for gospel reasons.

Hope in the Psalms

Pray today that your worship, your life, your aim, your pursuit, your everything might be centered on God, relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to change you into the kind of person who is satisfied in God.


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