Psalm 4 (February 1, 2011)

February 1, 2011

Psalm 4

This Psalm follows on the heels of the 3rd Psalm where David expresses his concern to the Lord over the tumultuous situation in his life. In this, the Year of Hope at Heartland, we have been highlighting our gospel-centered Hope and this Psalm points us to it in a wonderful way.

In verse one we see David confidently asking God twice to answer his prayer. His confidence is  based on the fact that God has given him relief when he was in distress.

“This is another instance of David’s common habit of pleading past mercies as a ground for present favor. It is not to be imagined that he who has helped us in six troubles will leave us in the seventh. God does nothing by halves, and he will never cease to help us until we cease to need.”-CHS

Hope in the Psalms

In the midst of trouble and trial, recall the past mercies of God in your life as a basis for confident prayer.


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