…there is a way to receive the Word.

Jeremiah Burroughs is incredible. I have said this before, but nothing sucks the frivolity out of the room like a Puritan, so for this Saturday night thought, I want to speak to the idea of listening and receiving the Word of God in a brief, serious way. The holiday season has enough frivolous cliche. We receive the Word at many different points tomorrow. Sunday School, the singing of Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, Scriptural prayers, and preaching.

And when people shall, by their behavior, with reverence and affection, attend as if they intended to know something of the mind of God, this encourages a preacher. The text (Acts 10:44) says that ‘while Peter yet spoke these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all them which heard the word.’ This is no marvel, they came with such a disposition of heart.

So the idea of preparation, as we discussed last week, is critical to receive the Word of God as preached, taught and sung. We are meeting with the living God as we hear, read and sing his Word.

Is there an exhortation to any duty? God and Jesus Christ have exhorted you this day; you should look on it as if God and Christ have been persuading and exhorting you. Is there any word of comfort and promise applied to you? You should look on it as if God and Jesus Christ had spoken a word of comfort to your heart this day.

As you prepare to meet with the true and living God through the ministry of the Word in the power of the Spirit, seek to honor God by listening with a view to obey what you hear.


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